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BECAUSE OF REASONS EXPLAINED within the text of this inaugural Edition#1 of FONEVOTECITIZENCONTROL.eu - FVCC for short - the website is being published in an incomplete form because of a looming deadline in respect of 'Stage One': the urgency and importance of which is explained within the text. It is hoped to fill in the omissions at or before that deadline. (...more)

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Contact . . . is regretably restricted

CONTACT WITH FONEVOTECITIZENCONTROL.eu will, unfortunately, because of practical and logistical reasons (simply stated: lack of cash, hands and heads, and resources to move things forward), essentially be non-existent until after Stage One is concluded.

For the same reasons communication channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, et cetera have been held back out of the website until after Stage One is concluded.

HOWEVER, IF YOU APPROVE of the ethos of this website, FONEVOTECITIZENCONTROL.eu will greatly, and genuinely, appreciate it if you can spread the message - and in particular spread the site's URL address - to your wide circle of friends and acquaintances. Even tell your Facebook enemies!

Smile We genuinely really need all the help we can get. Please be a Warrior for Enabling Democracy and tell your world that we really are The Good Guys!

Thank you - hopefully will be able to talk to you soon.

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THE website excluding the twenty-six linked .pdf Sections can be translated into most of the languages of the world by ticking the relevant Country name in the Translation module above.

However, translating the twenty-six linked .pdf articles is not automatic and requires the viewer to cut-and-paste whichever of the 26 Sections they wish to translate via Google Translate.

It must be pointed out that as innovative as Google Translation obviously is, it has its limitations and often times produces translated phrases which do not immediately make sense. Someday it may be economically possible for FVCC to properly translate FONEVOTECITIZENCONTROL.eu Issues into the major European languages.

Please Donate

FOR REASONS fully explained within Section 26 and elsewhere you will see that without donations from the citizens of Ireland and Europe this inaugural Edition#1.0 of the FVCC eZine is likely be the last edition. Simply stated: FONEVOTECITIZENCONTROL.eu currently has no income of any kind - and has never had any income since its inception seven years ago - and cannot survive or ever proceed much further without the financial support and wholehearted participation of the citizens of Ireland and Europe. If you wish to support and be part of the bringing of real democracy to the citizens of Ireland and Europe, and to become a Democracy Warrior to help in bringing to account those persons who have for decades blatantly abused and ripped-off the citizens of Ireland and Europe - both of which tasks this FONEVOTECITIZENCONTROL.eu website is dedicated to so doing and which will hopefully be achieved with your help - then, but only if you can afford to, FVCC will be very appreciative of any donation you may wish to make. FONEVOTECITIZENCONTROL.eu uses PayPal to ensure that your security is protected and to ensure that your donation, no matter how large or how small, is received.